Foreign Languages @ FUN!

Two of our favorite classes and teachers are coming back for their FIFTH year FUNdamentals:  Conversational Spanish with Señora T and ASL with Mrs. Hammond!

ASL handsAmerican Sign Language 1 (ASL):  This is a perfect way to earn high school credit for a foreign language!  Mrs. Hammond is in the process of becoming a certified interpreter.  Class fee is $225 per semester.  Contact Mrs. Hammond for class details and time (

***Interested in INTRO to ASL?  This is a great class for moms and middle schoolers who want a fun and engaging intro to ASL!  If you are interested, contact Mrs. Hammond @  If there is enough interest, we will add a class on Wednesdays!

holaConversational Spanish (High School Peer Group):  This is another way to earn high school credit for foreign language.  Señora T is a credentialed teacher, interpreter, and bilingual Spanish tutor.  Class fee is $150 per semester (Sky Mountain Vendor).  The 9:30-10:30 class still has a few opening!  If you are interested, contact Señora T ASAP.  Spots will fill up fast!

Conversational Spanish (3rd-8th):  This class is total FUN immersion!  Students will engage in great conversations, activities and games.  Class fee is $150 (Sky Mountain Vendor).  Only a few spots left in the 11:30-12:30.  The 12:30-1:30 class is perfect to take at lunch time!  Señora T’s class is always filled with food & fellowship.  If you are interested, contact Señora T ASAP.  Spots will fill up fast!

***Check out Señora T’s Conversational Spanish Website!  It is a glimpse of the wealth of information the students will learn and the tons of FUN they will have:



lego(PreK-8th) If you are looking for a FUN, hands-on and real-life introduction to the principles of Geometry, our LEGO class is a winner!  Each themed month, the students will create using their imaginations and build from Lego plans.  The fact that the students will also learn in the process about angles, 3D solids, and spatial problem solving is just icing on the LEGO cake!  $40 per 6 week session/$8 a class.  Contact Priscilla Hervey for more info or to sign up (


geometry(9th-12th)  If you are looking for a traditional high school Geometry class that is taught in a FUN and meaningful way, look no further.  Mrs. Small’s Geometry class covers the following standards:  nature of reasoning, lines and angles, triangles, congruence, inequalities, parallel lines, quadrilaterals, transformations, area, similarity, the right triangle (including Pythagorean Theorem theorem and trigonometric ratios), circles, concurrence, theorems, regular polygons, and geometric measurements and dimensions.  Basically, Mrs. Small covers everyting needed for high school credit.  Vendor for most charter schools through Home School Coaches.  $300 a semester private pay ($350/semester charter schools).  2 Hour class once a week.  Homework, assessments and tests assigned.  To register or for more information, contact Michele Small @  

** Like all other classes, a student must first be registered with FUNdamentals before enrolling in Lego or Geometry classes.***  See “Registration” tab for forms and information.



gamesGameology is back at FUNdamentals!  What in the world is “Gameology”?  It is a class where FUN is the name of the game!  Students will review math facts and learn history, science, art, grammar (just to name a few) while playing GAMES!  Yes, an hour of games!  Each week, a different academic subject will be reviewed as students play FUN, engaging and educational games.  $25 a month.  This is not a semester-based class so you can join anytime you like.  To register, Contact Gracie and Colleen Golden @

What do these things have in common?


Physical Science FUN on Wednesdays- That’s what!  If you haven’t heard, we have added a THIRD High School Science class.  In this class, students will learn about the laws of motion, optics, sound, light, thermodynamics, and the basics of the periodic table.  The labs in this class will be off the FUN charts!  See our Class Descriptions tab for more details.

Physical science is a great class to take if you are in 9th and 10th grade and aren’t ready for Chemistry or if you are in 8th grade looking for a challenging science class to take before high school.  This class is also perfect for that science lover who has already taken both Biology and Chemistry and is looking for another science course to take this coming year!  It is even taught from a biblical perspective!  Contact Kedan Russell to enroll (  Limited spots so sign up NOW!

TIME:  Wednesdays, 2:20-3:45

FEE:  $200 per semester plus $50 supply fee

TEXT:  Apologia Physical Science physical-science-2nd-edition-textbook-only


**Since it is taught with a biblical worldview, no charter funds can be used.  However, you can contact the teacher to ask about monthly payments!

Ukulele Crash Course @ FUN!

Ukelele (1)As part of our special 6 week sessions at FUNdamentals, we will be offering a crash course in Ukulele!  Yes, our campus will be filled with the sounds of the Islands.  In just 6 weeks, your student will learn all of the fundamentals of playing the Ukulele from strum patterns to chords to simple tablature.   They will learn at least a song a week including one of their own choosing!  All you need is an aloha attitude and a ukulele!  Contact Shannon Curran to register:  shannonemilyann@gmail.  There is a limit on class size so don’t wait to the last minute to register.

DATES:  January 3rd- Feb. 7th

PRICE:  $150 for the 6 weeks (all music will be provided)

TIME:  2:00-3:30

**Like with all FUNdamental classes, a student must be a registered FUNdamental family to take this special 6 week session.  Contact Carrie De Francisco if you are not enrolled in FUNdamentals and would like to take this super FUN class.***


BarnabasRobotics-Logo-03_LogoTextMotto-Horiz-1-e1475961562590THIS CLASS IS FULL!  WE WILL HAVE A REPEAT 8-WEEK SESSION IN APRIL AND MAY!

A special 8- Week session of Robotics is coming to FUNdamentals on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30.  The class will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 6th and go to Wednesday, Nov. 1st.  Like all other FUNdamental classes, you must be enrolled with FUNdamentals first before you register for this special 8 Week session.  If you would like to register in this class, please contact Carrie De Francisco at

Taught by Barnabas Robotics (Edward Lin or associate)

AGES: 8-12
TUITION:  $250 per semester (robot included).  $275 for charter student. (Academy of Arts and Sciences, California Enrichment Academy, Compass Charter Schools, Excel Academy, Golden Valley, Gorman, ILead, Inspire, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Summit Academy, Valiant Academy)

LOCATION: Hills Church (801 1st Ave)



  • 9/6, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/25, 11/1 (Wednesdays)
  • TIME:  2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

This Introduction to Robotics class provides an opportunity for young students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a fun and engaging manner.  Students will be introduced to circuit building, micro-controller programming, and 3D-printing as they build a fully-functioning robot of their own.  Every robot will be different, as your child designs his/her own robot’s appearance and behavior.  Best of all, everyone gets to keep their completed robot at the end of the class.  Our class concludes with a robot showcase where parents are invited to see their kids present their completed projects.  Students will also practice writing and communication skills through daily journaling and interactive group activities throughout the course.  Class sizes are limited to 8 total students to ensure individualized, hands-on instruction.






breaking-news-loudspeakerAs of September 6th, 2017 Wednesday classes @ FUNdamentals will be at Hills Church in Arcadia!  We are excited Pastor Walter and the community of Hills Church have generously opened their doors to our homeschooling community!

ADDRESS:  805 N 1st Ave, Arcadia

NO classes have been changed.  See our “Schedule” tab and/or “Classes” tab for class times and locations on our new campus.  If you have any questions about our new location, feel free to contact Carrie at


May 31st- Last Day!

If you haven’t handed in FUN forms and fee for next school you, PLEASE DO SO ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 31ST!  Many classes are almost full (and a few are in danger of being cancelled due to low enrollment)!  On May 31st, you can find Carrie in the IEW classroom collecting forms and fees (or walking around campus visiting class parties!)  If  the forms are not in by May 31st, there is no guarantee there will be room for your student in your favorite classes in September!

See “Registration” tab for forms.  Please print and give completed forms to Carrie on May 31st!

REMINDER-  The following classes are finished for the year and will NOT MEET on May 31st:

  1. All IEW classes
  2. All SANDER’S classes (Bio, Chem, & Disciples)
  3. P2S Theatre class
  4. Dance class
  5. Music & Choir class
  6. Gameology Class