crazy clothesThe last Wednesday of every month is CRAZY FUN DAY!  This week, Wednesday Oct 25th is CRAZY CLOTHES (or Costume) DAY!  Princesses, Super Marios and Gumball machines!  Oh MY!  Come to class wearing the craziest, wackiest, mismatched outfit you can find.  Bring your favorite literary character to life!  Holy Cow!  Did you see that pun walking to class?  If you celebrate Halloween, feel free to come to class in costume.  **Please no scary or bloody masks/costumes and no fake (or real) weapons.***

See you on Wednesday, Oct. 25th for some crazy fun!




IMPORTANT-TAG-900x520This year Wednesday classes will take a break every SIX weeks!  Since we have been in session for 6 weeks, no classes will meet Wednesday, Oct. 18th.

Enjoy the week off!  Take a break!  Get some rest!  Spend the day reading.   Catch up on school work.  Go on a fieldtrip (or a Disney Ditch Day).  Come back refreshed!

See you in TWO WEEKS.  Classes resume Wednesday, Oct. 25th for Crazy FUN Day!




Thank you for your graciousness and help each week!  A few friendly reminders:

  1. Drive slowly and carefully in the parking lot.  Thank you for following the traffic arrows.  Please park in the lines and do not park in between the cones.  This area is reserved for ball playing.
  2. Make sure you pick up and throw away your trash.  Don’t forget to bring all of your belongings home each week.  Anything left on campus will be placed in a lost and found bin.  At the end of the month, any unclaimed items will be donated.
  3. Thank you for helping the teachers clean their rooms after each class.  Your sweeping/vacuuming, emptying trash bins, erasing boards and straightening chairs/tables is a HUGE help!
  4. A huge SHOUT OUT to all of the moms of Spanish students!  They have been monitoring the bathrooms/ stairs, taking out the trash, and helping with overall campus clean up the month of September!  Thank you!
  5. If your student is younger, please escort them to the bathroom.
  6. Remember, no running or screaming on the stairs or in front of the classrooms.
  7. Please keep your skateboards and scooters at home.


IMG_4938As a way of saying thank you, every year our FUN family blesses the host church with much needed supplies.  As you can imagine with over 100 families and more than 150 students on campus each week, the bathrooms are used A LOT!  We also accumulate TONS of trash each Wednesdays.  You can imagine how many garbage bags and hand towels we go through each week!

If you have the time, please consider donating one or some the following items.  PLEASE BRING NEXT WEEK AND GIVE TO YOUR TEACHER.

  1. Large garbage bags (any color will do)
  2. Multifold hand towels for the bathroom dispensers
  3. Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper (This is the only size that fits the dispensers.  Regular toilet paper rolls will not work)

These items can be purchased at Smart N Final or Costco.  See the attached pictures of the kind of paper towels and toliet paper that fit in Hills Church’s dispensers.

**Thank you in advance for helping us shower Pastor Walter, Ernie and community of Hills Church.  

toliet paper

Beginning Chess Class @ FUN

chess-02Our 2nd Special 6-week session will be Chess!

Learn chess in a fun, engaging, and interactive environment! The class is designed for 1st-6th graders, and is suitable for complete beginners to advanced beginners (near intermediate level). The game will be taught in an entertaining way that will help develop students’ cognitive and reflective reasoning skills, enhance their academic performance, as well as foster core values of integrity, leadership, confidence, creativity, patience, discipline, kindness and consideration.

Continue reading Beginning Chess Class @ FUN


We had a FUN-tabulous first day back!  We hope you had as much fun as we did and we hope you love our new location as much as we do!

open-houseSPREAD THE WORD!  Thank you for sharing FUNdamentals with your homeschooling friends.  We still have a few openings in several of our classes.

Next Wednesday, September 13th will be OPEN HOUSE.  Bring friends.  Share the FUN!  Visitors can check out classes and see all of the FUN we have on Wednesdays.  Oh yeah, we learn TONS of things too!


Classes Start SEPTEMBER 6th

dont forgetThe count down has begun!  Classes start next Wednesday, September 6th!

Join us at our new location, Hills Church (805 N 1st Ave, Arcadia).

Signs will be on the doors.  Look for the balloons!  Use the maps attached below.

It is going to be HOT!  We do have AC in all rooms and shaded areas for breaks but don’t forget to bring LOTS of water.

**1st Semester fees are due by or on the first day of classes.  Make checks payable to individual teachers.***



hurryThe following classes still have a spot for you or your friends.  Don’t miss out on the FUN this year!

GRADES K-8TH                                                          HIGH SCHOOL

Dancing through the Ages (10:30-11:30)**            Geometry (8:30-10:30) **

Beginning Art (10:30-12:00)**                                  Art 2 (9:00-10:30) **

US History (10:30-12:00)  C                                       Algebra 1 (10:30-12:00) **

Art 2 (12:30-2:30)**                                                    Chemistry (11:30-1:30)  C

Lego Class (12:00-1:00)                                              Middle School Math Prep (12:30-1:00)**

Choir (Fall 1:-00- 2:00)  C                                           Biology (2:00-4:00) C

Public Speaking (Spring 1:00-2:00)**                      Physical Science (2:20-3:45) C

Gameology (2:00-3:00)

Meet the Masters (2:00-3:30) **                                US Government & Econ (2:00-3:00) C

IEW Writing Level B (2:00-3:30)**                           Knitting (2:00-3:00)

Knitting (2:00-3:00)                                                     American Sign Language (afternoon)

Conversational Spanish (11:30-12:30 or 12:30-1:30) *   Conversational Spanish (9:30-10:30)


If you are interested in adding or taking one of these classes, register with FUNdamentals first.  See “Registration and Fee” tab.  Contact for more information.

**Charter School Vendor                                         C- Christian worldview










C3 & FUNdamentals INFO Meeting

funCome learn about the classes C3 offers on Wednesdays for homeschoolers in the SGV!  Come see our new location in Arcadia (which is less than .5 miles from the Arcadia Gold Line station)!

DATE:  Wednesday, August 30th

TIME:  12:00-1:30

PLACE:  Hills Church, 805 North 1st Ave, Arcadia

C3 offers classes to homeschoolers who are in PreK-12th grade in the San Gabriel Valley area.  You do NOT have to be a member of Christian Classical Conservatory (C3) to take classes with us. We offer classes that teach the fundamentals (Math, English, History, Biology, etc) as well as classes that are just pure FUN to take (Gameology, Legos, Ukulele, etc)!  You can stay all day or pick and choose what fits your schedule.  We have secular classes as well as classes taught from a biblical worldview.  Many of our instructors are also vendors for charter schools.  FUNdamentals is a really fun place to be and a really fun place to learn!

If you are looking for a PSP and/or a community to join this year, we will also be sharing info on C3.  Not only do we offer classes on Wednesdays for homeschoolers in the area, but C3 also hosts for its members field trips, park days, mom night outs, art fairs, spring recitals and promotion nights.  Our PSP also provides record keeping, legal status, transcript services, and curriculum planning.

For more info on Wednesday classes and/or C3 PSP, check out our websites and FB pages or contact Carrie De Francisco at


FUNdamentals Wednesday Classes:

FUN FB Page:

Please share with your homeschooling friends and family!